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At Sunsuria, we are committed to philanthropy and environmental sustainability in line with our business motto - Building Today Creating Tomorrow. Our goal is set high to ensure the success of our future generations and the wellbeing of our society as a whole. Aside from development and deliveries of bricks and mortar, we aim to create our very first Sunsuria Township by the essence of a SMART, LIVABLE and SUSTAINABLE city.

helping the less fortunate

Sunsuria inspires to bring sunshine into the lives of the less fortunate. We continuously support and contribute to orphanages, rehabilitation centres, poor families and those in need, both practically and financially.

The Agathian Shelter

Semoa Kids

Rumah Juara

Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow

Education is the foundation of everything. At Sunsuria, we are keen to encourage and support the education of less fortunate children by providing financial contributions towards relevant schools, organizations and individuals.

We continuously provide for the education of children from poor families since 2013 and scholarships have been awarded to deserving students in various fields, from accounting to medicine.

We also provide incentives to the children of our employees for their excellent achievements in annual school examinations.

Providing a Livable Home for Everyone

Sunsuria strongly believes that everyone deserves a chance to have a comfortable and secure home with which we can build one's success in life. With that in mind, we constantly strive to understand our society's needs and provide the disadvantaged with the home of their dreams.

Home Dedication to En. Salizam

Working towards Ecological Sustainability

Sunsuria believes in preserving the world we live in for the well-being of our future generations. We not only adopt environmental-friendly construction practices and techniques, but we also actively conserve energy in the office by encouraging the use of natural lighting and minimising the usage of air- conditioning whenever possible.

We continue to take the initiative to educate our team to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in their daily activities at home and at work. We have placed recycling bins around the office in support of this cause. All proceeds collected from the sale of recyclables are used in the aid of people in need.

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