About Us

Sunsuria Care is a community healthcare hub providing easy and convenient access to basic health services within the vibrant Sunsuria developments. We are dedicated to taking a pro-active approach in creating a sustainable multigenerational living environment by responding to individual needs, whilst serving as a first line of defence for wider public health. The first integrated Care Hub commenced operations in early 2023 at Sunsuria City Celebration Centre.

The hub is manned professionally by qualified nurses who are readily available to answer your health-related enquiries and concerns on-site, via phone call or WhatsApp. The following services will be provided for the convenience of Sunsuria City residents:

  1. Concierge nursing service
  2. Free vital signs assessment
  3. First aid assistance
  4. Medical equipment loan (short & long term)
  5. Evidence-based health awareness outreach

Beginning with Sunsuria City, our goal is to roll out more Care Hubs in other Sunsuria developments soon.

Care Hub

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 10am-5pm

Sunsuria City Celebration Centre, Persiaran Sunsuria, Bandar Sunsuria, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, Sepang, Malaysia.

complimentary Vital Signs Check

Free blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR), temperature, oxygen saturation (spO2) check, and basic eyesight assessment.

complimentary Medical Enquiries

Provide assistance for basic health-related questions, guidance to nearby hospitals and medical concierge services

Assisted Living

Medical equipment and medical devices for loan at a minimal fee and deposit

Blood Glucose Check

Provide blood glucose readings check at care hub

Nursing Care

Wound care management and post-surgery care by appointment basis

complimentary First Aid Assistance

Provide first aid help during emergency


1. Health-related enquiries (examples as below)
a) "Where is the nearest hospital?""
b) "My BP is 180/100mmHg and I only have headache. Do I need to go to the hospital?""
c) "How often can I take Panadol?"

2. Health-related emergencies (examples as below)
a) "My mother just fell down the stairs. Please help!"
b) "My daughter was stung by a bee and has difficulty breathing now. What should I do?"
c) "My husband is having chest pain and feels dizzy. Could you please come over to see him?"

3. Home concierge service (examples as below)
a) "I need to engage a nurse for my wife who needs daily dressing for her operation wound."
b) "Will it be possible for us to get nursing service to change my grandfather's stoma bag?"
c) "Could you please send a nurse to give antibiotics via infusion for the next 5 days?"

Medical Equipment Rental list

  1. Vital sign monitor
  2. Wheelchair
  3. Crutches
  4. Walking Frame
  5. Breast pumps

Drop by for a visit at Sunsuria Care hub, easily accessible at Sunsuria City Celebration Centre. Located near the side entrance.

To book an appointment or for more information, call us at 019 265 8177.

Our Care Hub will have a dedicated care line for house call services dedicated for Sunsuria City residents

For enquiries, call us at 019 265 8177.

Our nurses are able to carry out the following procedures safely at the comfort of your own home such as basic nursing procedure, post-hospitalisation/ surgical care, wound dressing, administering medication, injections and intravenous (IV) Infusions.

If you have a medical emergency at home, please feel free to reach out to our nurses for help in the meantime whilst awaiting for the ambulance to arrive.

For enquiries, call us at 019 265 8177.

We provide various equipment or devices for short-term or long-term loan at your convenience, such as vital signs monitor, wheelchair, crutches, walking frame, glucose monitor and breast pump.

For enquiries, call us at 019 265 8177

As part of our community outreach programme, we will be organising health-related events such as health and wellness talks by healthcare professionals.